Boston Limo ServicesWhy Boston Elite Limousine MA?

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Elite Boston Limousine Corporate Philosophy
Elite Boston Car Service and Transportation limousine is devoted to providing first class transportation service, featuring the ultimate in comfort, courtesy, reliability  and punctuality 100% of the time in MA, NH, RI and all of New England.

We have a strong belief that our customers always come first and we are dedicated to giving responsive service to each and every customer.

Elite Boston Limousine MA stands for quality service and for making the extra effort necessary to ensure that every ride is met with complete satisfaction.

Consistency is what we strive for. We are motivated by the challenge of becoming the best that we can be - as individuals, as employees and as team members.

We Care. We Listen. We Get Results.

       Unlike other MA Limo companies, we do not overbook our Limousines and drivers.
This protects you from the practice of using subcontractors who might not adhere to our standards, or, get the assignment too late to guarantee On Time pickup. Helpful and Friendly Reservation Agents.

Your call to Elite Boston Limousine is truly appreciated and our agents want to make sure you understand that they are here to assist you in any way possible. Providing quotes for service, assisting with reservations and even limousine service at your destination and recommending a restaurant. We're here when you need us.
To insure that we are always providing the finest service,  Elite Boston Car Limousine is always on the lookout for technological advances that will keep us on the cutting edge of the ground transportation industry.


Flight Tracking Software: This software allows us to monitor incoming flights and seamlessly make adjustments to your reservation. If your flight is delayed for 2 hours we know about it in advance and dispatch the limo chauffeur accordingly.


Online Reservations: Welcome to the world of online booking. Go to our website and set up a personal account.
You can now make travel arrangements or request a quote for service.


Instant E-Mail Limo Confirmations: When you have placed a reservation, so that you are sure of the details, our system will automatically e-mail you a written confirmation. In this way you can verify that all the details of your trip are as requested.

24 Hour Limo Confirmations: Ever get the feeling that you might have missed something? The day before your scheduled service you can expect a confirmation call from one of our agents. That call is always made to reconfirm the details of your transportation. You can rest assured that we will arrive on time as scheduled. On The Spot: Company policy dictates that each driver must arrive at the assigned pick up location 10 minute prior to the scheduled pick up time.
You have a 5:00 AM reservation for a transfer to the airport. By 4:30 you are packed and ready. Unintentionally you find yourself peeking out the window to see if the car has arrived. Then you remember "that's right, I called Elite Boston Limousine." And that means that at 4:50 AM a full 10 minutes ahead of schedule you can expect to see the limousine in front of your home or office. Our 10 minute Spot Time & quot; has become a standard for the industry. Because for Elite Boston Limousine, being on time is not enough we want to exceed our clients expectations by being ahead of time. The Right Class license is a liberally allocated license requiring only that the company carry liability insurance and it's drivers have a valid personal license. For the safety of the passengers and the public.


Class chauffeurs must pass a pre-employment drug and alcohol screening


Class operations must have a substance abuse program in place and it's chauffeurs subject to random drug and alcohol screening.


Class drivers must maintain complete and accurate daily hours logs. Restricting the amount of hours they may drive


Class drivers must do a pre-trip inspection on vehicles before taking a vehicle on the road.



Class providers must due complete vehicle inspections every 45 days on every vehicle.



Logbooks, vehicle inspection reports and drug testing compliance


Class operation must participate in the Department of Motor Vehicles pull notice system, which informs us if a driver has been cited for an infraction that might preclude him/her from continued service as a limo chauffeur.

Limo Service in BostonA Plan B: While we endeavor to keep service issues to a minimum, we realize that at any moment and generally at the wrong moment, Murphy's Law could rear it's ugly head and create a bit of havoc. With that in mind, Elite Boston Limousine  has taken steps to prepare for the unexpected. A limo chauffeur comes on duty at 4:00 AM daily and is on stand by in case a scheduled limo chauffeur over sleeps or develops car trouble on the way to the terminal. In this way the stand by limo chauffeur can take over the assigned run with no interruption of service to the client. In the event that a client shows up unexpectedly at the airport and we cannot have a vehicle there in a reasonable amount of time. Elite Boston Limousine has established open accounts with the airport shuttle services and can arrange to have private service for the client to be transported home. All charges including the gratuity are taken care of by Elite Boston Limousine. At Elite Boston Limousine MA we pride ourselves on the customer comments we receive regarding the cleanliness of our fleet. On more than one occasion we've heard " I knew it was an Elite Boston Limousine 's car because it was so clean; You can always count on your Elite Boston Limousine to be immaculately maintained and have the most state of the art amenities to provide you with maximum comfort levels.


Communicating via a Limo MA company dispatcher is cumbersome and unreliable with Elite Boston Limousine you will be provided the cell phone number of the driver assigned to your reservation;


You deserve only drivers who are "sharp" in appearance, hygiene and driving skills Elite Boston Limousine only employs drivers meeting these high standards.


They know how to reach destinations efficiently and are a pleasure to ride with.


Because they are NOT over scheduled and overworked.


Some limo companies quote a price and then your credit card gets charged more.


Many limo MA services have hidden costs and other fine print; surprises that we agree you should not tolerate.


All flights are checked for actual arrival time to ensure that you are not charged for delays beyond your control.


With Elite Boston Limousine Our quote is your cost -- and it's designed to attract your business. If we exceed your expectations for courtesy and service, then only.


YOU should decide if we have earned the benefit of a gratuity and if so at an amount you deem appropriate.(We consider your repeat business the best "tip" achievable!)


Elite Boston Chauffeured Services only completes the credit card transaction at the conclusion of the trip, and, the only amount processed is the one YOU sign and get an immediate receipt for!

The Chauffeur Corps Letter after letter of praise from our clients will attest to the fact that the Elite Boston Limousine Service chauffeurs are providing the type of world-class service that is so difficult to find these days. When you meet your chauffeur you will be pleased to discover that you are in the capable care of a true professional. A professional, who will respond to your every request with a sense of urgency. A professional who understand that decorum, discretion and sensitivity are the fundamental guidelines with which to provide your service. It's a matter of course that a professional will do the utmost to insure that your transportation is safe, comfortable, and secure.